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“Female comics, like so many others, perform their marginality”

Female gender have been marginalized most of their lives. Now they perform their marginality on stage. By doing it they perform culture and self. Marginal comics make themselves as the victims from male. However, Joanne Gilbert recognizes the problems from assumptions made about the genres of “female” and “feminist” humor and ultimately suggests that these are part of a something she calls “marginal humor.” How do female comics perform on stage, and what does this performance do about the relations in culture art of stand-up comedy? Gilbert uses this questions to light up the political, social, and cultural connection between power and gender in entertainment.


“How many psychiatrists does it take to screw a light bulb?” Only one, but the light bulb has to really want to change.

I find the light bulb joke to be creative in a sort of way, but that at the same time it really suck. I don’t think light bulb are funny, but it does give posotive feedback that us humans are suppose to find every object or aspects of the world funny. Those things are funny because there stupid and by the mean of stupid it is stupid but is stupid creativity, which creativity is not stupid but depends on the creativity, which later makes it becomes stupid. Anyways, my point is that is creative and stupid creativity. “It makes sense”.

“When I started doing comedy, people said: never do jokes on cancer or suicide. Well, as far as cancer goes, it’s not true. My dad died of cancer and I’ve made jokes about that. And pedophile jokes, I do lots of them. It’s like with pornography, you know a good joke when you see it. Nothing is off-limits if handled properly.”

if you have control of yourself everything is in order control. Self-awareness probably is the word people have in their mind every time their about to perform to somebody can be in a stand-up, convention or by interacting one on one. By having the domination of your own vocabulary and thought process you can perform properly. 

if you have control of yourself everything is in order control. Self-awareness probably is the word people have in their mind every time their about to perform to somebody can be in a stand-up, convention or by interacting one on one. By having the domination of your own vocabulary and thought process you can perform properly.

“Repetitive vocalization in response to pleasure stimuli”

Vocalization is literally an everyday activity. We practice activity with our peers, friends and families. It is a pleasure stimuli. It causes human beings to be in a healthy personal state. We even do so, unconsciously when we think or imagine. But it is necessary to practice this in a conscious state so we can be aware about the real beauty of life.


“Laughter is an affection arising from the sudden transformation of a strained expectation into nothing’

Laughter is a psychological factor in, which is suppose to be enjoyable. Drawing that state from within yourself in the meaning of, not relaying on anybody to provide that energy (laughter) in order to feel amazing, and not caring whether or not people are nice to you in order to enjoy your life. Laughter also, allows you to be the source of a great energy, which makes otherpeople enjoy to be around you most of the time.